About us

The Beginning…

This is a mom and pop business that John and Julie Robinson started back in 2012. It all started when they were watching a cooking show and talking about the sausage John wanted to make that had bacon in it. The cooking show just happened to feature Waffle Sandwiches. And the idea was planted.

John always wanted to have a restaurant or a food cart…someday. What about waffle sandwiches? they said. It was decided that waffles would be the perfect vessel for the Baconsausage. After looking into it, they realized that waffles and waffle sandwiches could be so much more. Hence, the R & D began in their little kitchen at home. So many ideas, so little space!

Starting small was what they decided to do. They put up a 10 x 10 canopy at a couple of Farmer Markets on the west side and decided on the name, Batter Up! for the ‘restaurant’ Baconsausage was a huge hit at the farmer’s markets!! So much fun was had. Lots of learning and a whole lot of hard work.

They worked the Farmer’s Markets for a couple of seasons. Then in 2014, upgraded from a 10 x 10 canopy, to a food cart. The cart was located in the first food cart pod in Washington County, and was the first waffle cart on Portland’s west side.

Two years later, Batter Up! went brick and mortar. Opening at the LaScala Apartment Building in downtown Beaverton (1st and Lombard). They shared the space with several other Micro restaurants and a full-service bar inside The LaScala Food Hall. The restaurant was doing well, and on its way. Then, Covid hit, and it hit the service industry, really hard. It knocked many out of the restaurant business completely. The ‘food hall’ was empty except for Batter Up! and one other restaurant, giving the appearance of being closed. When John and Julie were asked if they wanted to take over the entire food hall and full-service bar the answer was a definite YES!. Today, Batter Up! has seating for 65+ guests and a full-service bar for serving cocktails, Mimosa’s and Bloody Mary’s with your breakfast/brunch/dinner. Batter Up! Has plenty of space for your Special Events as well. We hope to see you soon, and we’ll be more than happy to help you #getyourwaffleon!!!

The Birth of Baconsausage

While out to breakfast , John and a friend were discussing the individual merits of bacon and sausage. That’s when the idea was formed to create ‘Baconsausage’.

John’s brother, being a butcher, helped formulate what’s now Batter Up’s signature recipe for ‘Baconsausage’. Using our own blend of herbs and spices, then we grind bacon (I know, right!?) And POOF, a sage breakfast sausage with bacon in it is born! We do all of this in-house bringing you locally sourced, freshly ground ‘Baconsausage’.

We created a waffle sandwich that starts with a quarter pound ‘baconsausage’ patty and makes one of the best breakfast sandwiches you’ll have. We call it the MVP. We also use the ‘baconsausage’ in our sausage gravy, made fresh daily! Biscuits and Gravy anyone?